We believe that we learn throughout our entire life. And so it is with Yoga. This is why at Breathe and Live Yoga School we come across our community to offer workshops and meet ups to learn from each others. 


Due to the current situation we can't offer you a handful variety of yoga retreats, even though we would really wish to, but hey ho! When we are over this, expect an amazing yoga volunteering opportunity coming up! 


ASANA LAB is a series of Breathe and Live workshops created especially for you to deconstruct, analyze and master your yoga asanas. 


The Asana Lab workshops are designed to equip you with the theoretical knowledge and give you plenty of time to apply it in practice on your mat. We are focusing on our anatomy, right alignment, asana transitions and the meaning believed to be behind each pose. After participating in the workshop, you will feel confident during your next practice and you will know how to do your asana well.


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