What should you wear for your planet-friendly yoga? Affordable sustainable yoga wear in Europe

Finding the right yoga wear which is sustainable and comfortable is an important part of feeling good during your yoga practice. Rather than throwing on sweatpants from a fast fashion brand, we’d like to invite you to try some of these affordable sustainable yoga wear brands in Europe which we love. There’s many more brands out there though!

From materials good for the planet and for yoga to local sourcing, sustainable yoga wear can substantially reduce your environmental footprint and help you live an eco-friendly life.

1. Moonchild Yoga Wear

Moonchild Yoga Wear is a Danish brand specialising in crafting sustainable activewear from materials good for the planet and for yoga – these include recycled polyester, organic cotton or modal.

They also offer a collection of natural rubber yoga mats, as well as blocks and straps, if you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for your yogi needs!


SILOU adds a touch of luxury to your everyday yoga practice. While it’s not the most affordable sustainable yoga wear in Europe on this list, the quality of their garments means you’ll be wearing them for years – perhaps decades – to come, resulting in a very good cost per wear.

Their yoga wear is elegant and seasonless, which means that you won’t just be able to wear it for such a long time – you’ll actually want to.

3. People Tree

People Tree is a brand offering a wide variety of women’s clothing, from dresses to yoga wear. As an established UK-based brand, it uses the best materials good for the planet and for yoga, including Tencel or GOTS certified organic cotton. Theirs is definitely some of the most affordable sustainable yoga wear in Europe.

Aside from being environmentally-friendly, the brand also works with disadvantaged farmers and factories to raise the working condition standards of the fashion industry.


ARMEDANGELS is a sustainable fashion brand from Cologne, Germany, which specialises in crafting sustainable denim, basics and yoga wear. With leggings starting at €25, this is as affordable as sustainable yoga wear gets!

In their collections, they use mainly Fairtrade organic cotton and they also closely monitor their supply chain to ensure all of their ethical standards, such as living wages, are adhered to.

5. Thought

Thought offers a large collection of clothing for both women and men made to last you a long time – including some great yoga wear designs. From more basic garments to colourful yet timeless designs, you’ll find something for you in this brand’s collection no matter what your preference is.

The majority of their yoga wear and loungewear is made from organic cotton. What we especially appreciate about this brand is the fact that they also offer a large men’s collection!


If you’re on the lookout for affordable sustainable yoga wear in Europe, give these brands a try and share your experience with them down below in the comments!

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