Plastic-free yoga & how to achieve it: make your yoga practice planet-friendly

Over the past few decades, plastic has found a way into many aspects and activities of our daily lives – including our yoga practice. However, now that we’re all learning more about the environmental impact of that, you may want to take some steps to keep your yoga practice plastic-free.

Remember that the best way to make your yoga practice planet-friendly is one step at a time, so that you don’t get overwhelmed by the changes. Take these tips as ideas to slowly implement into your practice – and never throw away any plastic yoga gear you may already have before the end of its lifespan, as that would do more harm than good.

Dress plastic-free

The clothing we wear for our yoga practice is very important – we need to feel comfortable in it and have the best possible range of motion. However, did you know that the clothing you wear for your yoga practice can also have a big impact on your environmental footprint?

A lot of yoga wear today is made from synthetic fibres – plastic. Not only do these pollute our planet with plastic waste once they’re discarded, but they also release microscopic plastic particles into the water cycle whenever washed.

To keep your yoga practice plastic-free, choose yoga wear made from natural fibres such as cotton or linen, or man-made fabrics on the basis of natural materials such as Tencel.

A plastic-free mat

Many cheap yoga mats are made from plastic, but not just any plastic – PVC, which is one of the most environmentally-damaging plastics. It releases some of the most harmful chemicals into the air when produced, such as dioxins. Once discarded, it never biodegrades, only falling apart into smaller and smaller particles.

Needless to say, if you’re looking to make your yoga practice planet-friendly, you’re going to want to choose a plastic-free yoga mat once it comes time to replace your current one.

Thankfully, there is an increasing number of alternatives – some of the materials include cork, natural rubber or cotton! Browse these when shopping for a yoga mat and choose the one which fits your practice best.

Other necessities for your practice

What we need for our yoga practise largely depends on our preferences, level, and the type of yoga we’re practising. You may not need anything besides a pair of leggings and a mat, or you may be relying on many other items.

From water bottles to yoga wheels, some items are easier to find plastic-free than others – and accessibility will also depend on your location.

Remember that if there’s an item you need for practise that you just can’t find plastic-free, there’s one more option – buying what you need second-hand!

To keep your yoga practice plastic-free is one of the best decisions to make for the environment. While you’re at it, remember to lead by example and share your experience with other yogis!

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