Our Planet Heroes: the North Bali Reef Conservation

We think that it's good to share inspiring stories and that the world would benefit if people were learning more from each other.

Meet our PLANET HERO this month: the North Bali Reef Conservation organisation.

This amazing team of people is saving our Planet by restoring and conserving Tianyar's coral reef, aiming to provide an alternative, sustainable libelihood to the local people and probably the hardest one: changing our mindset so that we can all colelctively take care of our Planet. They saw a problem and decided to do something about it. And that's why they are our Planet heros!

We are truly inspired by their work and believe that we can help them virtually, now when the tourism slowed down. Their work is exactly the change we wish to see in the world and we keep our fingers crossed for even more reef structures to come. So let's hop on the mat to #DoYogaDoGood! 💪

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