Closed loop yoga gear brands: circular design in yoga and affordable sustainable yoga gear in Europe

What makes sustainable yoga gear? Circular design is certainly one of the top criteria – designing the product with the use of resources which already exist and finding ways to fully repurpose the material once the garment is no longer worn to avoid the landfill.

In this article, we’ve compiled 5 of our favourite sustainable yoga gear brands which sell some of the best affordable sustainable yoga gear in Europe, often designed with a circular concept in mind.

1. Organic Basics

Organic Basics is a Danish brand applying circular design in yoga, activewear and everyday basics. With sustainability as their core mission, this company considers the environmental impact of everything from the materials their clothing is made from to the website it’s sold on.

Aside from natural materials, which can be returned to the Earth once they no longer serve you, the brand also makes use of fibres such as recycled nylon. As all pieces are designed to be worn for a very long time, the garments are timeless and high-quality.

2. Ecoalf

This certified B Corp from Spain crafts both everyday wear and some of our favourite affordable sustainable yoga gear in Europe. By using recycled and upcycled materials such as recycled polyester or regenerated nylon, they are keeping waste away from landfills and reducing their overall environmental impact.

Most of their recycled materials come from post-consumer waste such as PET bottles, as well as industrial waste including fishing nets and pre-consumer waste.


TALA is a UK-based brand focused on making sustainable clothing and yoga wear work for everyone. This inclusive company uses recycled nylon certified by the Global Recycling Standard, which comes from post-consumer waste that would have otherwise been sent to landfill or downcycled.

Aside from making their garments by implementing circular design in yoga wear, the brand also encourages its customers to be more mindful of their impact and shares ways they can reduce their impact further.

4. Hej Hej

If you’re on the lookout for closed-loop yoga mats and accessories, Hej Hej is a wonderful brand incorporating circular practices into the production cycle. Their mats are made from existing materials, to reduce the impacts of production, and can be fully recycled at the end of their lifecycle.

The brand makes all its products in Germany and offers climate neutral shipping in compostable packaging.

5. Reloop Wear

Last but not least, yoga can be also done off the mat and this is where Reloop Wear steps in with circularly designed clothes perfect for any vagabond soul! Our Breathe and Live tops are created by Reloop Wear and at the end of their useful cycle, we will ship them back to be recycled.

Which of these brands will you be trying next? If we forgot to mention any of your favourite affordable sustainable yoga gear in Europe, be sure to let us know in the comments!

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