5 reasons why yoga is a great activity for people living a sustainable lifestyle

Yoga and a sustainable lifestyle are a wonderful match. If you’re working on reducing your environmental impact and have been thinking about picking up yoga, here are 5 of our favourite reasons to do so!

1. A short list of necessities

Many physical activities require a large amount of equipment to get started – yoga does not. All you need is a yoga mat and some comfy clothing. Less equipment means fewer resources being used to make it and less waste ending up in our landfills in the long run.

This isn’t just compatible with a sustainable lifestyle, but also with a minimal one. As more and more of us downsize to reduce our environmental footprint, that’s becoming more and more important.

2. Get in touch with nature

Yoga for living green can also help you better understand why nature needs our protection and deepen your commitment to a sustainable lifestyle. Living in harmony with the world surrounding us is at the core of yoga, which makes it a perfect match with green living.

3. Improving your mental and physical health

Taking good care of your health is the sustainable thing to do – not only for your own sake, but also for the planet. That way, you can prevent all sorts of chronic illness in the future, which would take a lot of resources to cure.

Prevention via a healthy, sustainable lifestyle is the best way to tackle mental and physical health issues, with yoga for living green as a wonderful practice to implement.

4. Find a community of likeminded people

For a lot of people, yoga for living green is an essential part of their lifestyle, as they find ways to incorporate both sustainability and a well-rounded yoga practice into their days. Through yoga, you can meet other eco-conscious people like yourself and gain the support of this wonderful community!

5. A way to relax

If you’re somebody who cares a lot about the environment, a lot of the things you’re reading in the news may leave you tense or upset. While the world is taking great steps to be more sustainable, sometimes, reading about new research showing just how much plastic there is in the ocean or how some governmental bodies dismiss environmental threats can be a cause of distress for those of us who think about the environment of every action we take.

Yoga can be a great way to relax and enrich your sustainable lifestyle with a little more daily calm. In a world where a lot of emphasis is put on negative rather than positive news, this can be lifechanging.

No matter what your reason to pick up yoga for living green is, remember that your journey is your own. Don’t compare yourself to others, especially on social media! Take your yoga practice and sustainable lifestyle one day at a time and soon, you’ll see your life changing before your eyes.

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