We love our Planet and we take our commitment to the environment very seriously. We care for our Planet through: 



of likeminded yogis


Giving back

through a practice



at every step we take


of likeminded yogis



Be the change you want to see in the world. Because the change starts within each one of us. The individual. And then 1+1 equals... three ;) Because there's always that one extra soul that will get inspired with what you do ;) And that's the community we create! The like-minded people who want to be in the togetherness of doing good and give each others strength to continue doing it. And if we do good through yoga, that's even more cool for us! ;) 

Everyone is welcomed! You can find our Facebook community group, where all of us practicing at Breathe and Live Yoga School meet and create a community we all feel cozy at. We chat, learn English together, exchange ideas, knowledge and just thrive in the feeling of connecting with like-minded people loving yoga and our Planet. Looking forward to your smile in there! 


Through a practice


Yoga is not just about the asanas. There are also Yamas and Niyamas that are the very first, concrete steps on the yoga path. They relate directly to how you behave outwardly in the world and inwardly toward yourself. And we believe that helping others (humans, life, environment, nature, call it whatever you like) is a great way to practice yoga in your life. Daily life. Not only on the mat ;) 

Here at Breathe and Live Yoga School we organize daily Do Yoga Do Good practice, to unite together and through yoga donate to the cause we all, collectively care about. If you participate in these classes, you earn Karma Badges. If you collected enough of them, you get to nominate the next charity we will support next month! ;) 

Once the lock-down blues will be over, we will get back to organizing the community volunteering retreats and meet-ups, where we will not only take care of ourselves, but also about the environment. Get ready for the Sea Turtles volunteering and community neighbourhood clean-ups! ;) 


at every step we take


Green this... Green that... Eco, sustainable, plastic-free, circular... Gosh! There's many buzz words out there, so let's just go with sustainability. ;) Here at Breathe and Live Yoga School we might not be perfect, but we do our best to use the most sustainable yoga gear we possibly can and act responsibly towards our Planet.


At our yoga practice, we use:

  • HejHej yoga mats with a fully circular design. Not only they come 100% from the recycled materials, but once they will be already used, we will ship them back to the team, to create new HejHej mats out of the old ones! How cool is that?! ;) 

  • Southern Shores yoga blocks produced responsibly from Portuguese certified cork plantations. Team also runs a Clean Beach initiative and donates 1% for the Planet through supporting WDC, the Whale and Dolphin Conservation organization. We love our oceans, so... we love our yoga blocks ;) 

  • Reloop Wear yoga clothes & eye pads designed with a circular concept in mind. Produced from sustainable materials and being fully recycled or re-sold at the end of their life-cycle. You can see us often wearing Reloop Wear clothes on our mats. It's because we know that this way we also show love to our Planet! ;) 

These are only material things, but through our volunteering we try to give back to our Planet and help others become sustainable as well. These might seem like baby steps, but that's how you learn how to walk! ;) 



We are always opened for new ideas and collaboration. Because: 1+1=3 ;)


If you care for the Planet as well and would like to work together, drop us a note! It can be anything! Connecting with your favourite charity, taking a lead on your local community clean-up, sharing an idea for the weekend volunteering or just as simple as writing "hey, that's cool what you're doing" ;) 

Looking forward to be the change with you!