Sa., 12. Dez. | Online Zoom meeting

ASANA LAB | Inversions with Downward Facing Dog

Learn your perfect Downward Facing Dog. Find alignment, connect with your body, learn about the benefits.
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ASANA LAB | Inversions with Downward Facing Dog


12. Dez. 2020, 10:00 – 12:00
Online Zoom meeting


ASANA LAB is a series of Breathe and Live workshops created especially for you to deconstruct, analyse and master your yoga asanas. 

This month we focus on the famous Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana) as one of the most important inversion asanas. 

Yes, we know! Sometimes it's hard to keep up the pace with your teacher and really spend enough time on the proper alignment of your body. The Asana Lab workshops are designed to equip you with the theoretical knowledge and give you plenty of time to apply it in practice on your mat. We are focusing on our anatomy, right alignment, asana transitions and the meaning believed to be behind each pose. After participating in the workshop, you will feel confident during your next yoga practice and you will know how to do your asana well. 

What to expect? 

  • We will begin with talking. Not a monologue though, but talking ;) We will chat about the challenges you usually face with our theme asana and the reasons why you decided to attend the workshop. 
  • Then there will be more talking (this time from our side) with a little bit of presenting. We will share with you the theory behind each asana, we will look at it through the anatomical lenses and we will explain why specific elements are important. 
  • After so much talking, you might lose your focus, so we will bring it back by a short yoga practice aiming in warming our bodies up and getting them ready for a thorough practice of our main asanas. 
  • Finally the practicum will start and we will carefully explain step by step asana's alignment, break down all elements and apply the theory in practice. We will focus on each one of you and share with you the most important elements you should focus on.
  • Towards the end we will experiment with some fun transitions and end our practice with the well deserved savasana. 
  • To wrap things up we will share in our circle things that we learnt or things that we would like to continue focusing on and we will open the floor for chit-chatting, because... why not ;) That's what the community is about ;) 

Well... enough talking! Time to sign up or feel free to spread a word to your friends! 

See you on the mat! 


More info: Beginners & intermediate levels, workshop led in English. 

Disclaimers: Please consult your doctor before beginning your yoga practice. Never force a pose. Stop if you feel pain or intense discomfort. Treat your body with kindness and love. 

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